Hellenic Polytheism Resources

Hellēnikós | Ελληνικός - of or relating to Greece (Hellás | Ελλάς)

Polytheism - polu (many) theos (gods)

What is Hellenic Polytheism?

Hellenic Polytheism is a modern term used for the worship of the gods of Ancient Greece. Modern Hellenic polytheists base their beliefs and practices on historical and archaeological research of the ancient Greek religion, as well as on personal experiences and interpretations of the gods, the myths, and writings of philosophers.

In this section you will find resources we have compiled in response to common questions in our community, posed both by beginners and by experienced members. We hope you find them helpful!

Fountain with gods.

A quick introduction to a few of the gods of ancient Hellas, and some of the complexity of city-state based religion


Ritual is the basis for building kharis, the Ancient Greek word for joy, grace, or favour felt between mortals and the gods.

Pre-Dawn Sky.

Festival Calendars

There are many ways to approach festival calendars; from faithful reconstructions to completely modern solar calendars.

Branch of an Olive tree with red olives.

An overview of philosophies in ancient Greece, focussing on foundational theological works in inscriptions, poetry, and philosophy.

Open books and string lights.

A starting point for exploring the rich history of Hellenic polytheism, so that you may incorporate its practices into your own life.

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