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Our YouTube account exists primarily as a repository of helpful playlists for learning about Hellenic Polytheism, the Greek language, and the history, music, literature, traditions & culture of ancient Greece. 

While we don't produce our own content for our YouTube channel, you can find a few of our staff members around. Fel the Blithe and D. Asklepiades have their own channels, and Kaz has been interviewed by Aliakai on Hittite polytheism and more recently on Ancient Greek Magic.

Fel the Blithe

Creating educational, artistic & chaotic Hellenic Polytheist content

D. Asklepiades

Hellenic Polytheist meditation & prayers

Hittite Revival, with Kaz

Kaz was interviewed by Aliakai on Hittite revivalism, and again on Ancient Greek Magic

On Discord

What to expect

Come join our community on Discord! After making an introduction, you will be restricted to our open discussion, resource and event channels until the community has had a chance to get to know you. You are encouraged to join in and take part. Once we know you a little better, you'll be given access to the rest of the server.

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Server Categories

Kerykes — for announcements & notifications

Κήρυκες: “heralds" - inviolable messengers between states, proclaiming meetings of the council, popular assembly, or court of law, reciting there the formulas of prayer, and summoning persons to attend

Mousike for entry level & general Hellenist education 

μουσικός: "of the muses" - used in the Athenian education system for the teaching of poetry, music, & the humanities.

Agorafor mixed topic discussion & the initial entry point for new arrivals

αγορά: "gathering place" - a marketplace, or common place of assembly in ancient Greece

Oikosa general gathering area for Hellenic polytheism discussion & practice 

οίκος: "home" - a house, dwelling place or family 

The Olive Groves for higher education & group learning 

ελαιώνας: a reference to the sacred olive groves of Athens, where philosophers walked 

Temenosfor devotional activities 

τέμενος: "cut-off/separated" - a temple enclosure, an area reserved for worship of the gods 

Kosmikosfor topics unrelated, or only tangentially related, to Hellenic polytheism 

κοσμικός: "worldly" - secular, non-sacred, mundane 

Dromoi for server business, & community connections 

δρόμοι: “ways/paths" - avenues or walkways. Also a name for modes in Greek music 

Atrium for general server info & intros 

“entry hall" - a welcoming room in a Roman villa; reception hall